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Andrew founded the brand strategy and design practice First Glantz Design over a decade ago and has since helped clients create compelling brands, logos, digital and print marketing collateral, and web experiences.


Design has always been one of Andrew's many pursuits. He is currently an Associate in the Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring practice at WilmerHale. Andrew joined the firm as a Summer Associate in 2013 after dedicating his early career to helping companies transform business risks into opportunities for growth. For more than six years, he advised innovators—primarily in energy and environment—on business strategy, change management, marketing and design.


Andrew consulted on the launch of Broadscale Group, an investment firm that connects ready-to-scale energy technologies with fresh capital and resources. In 2014, he worked with Harvard Professor Susan Crawford on research for The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance, a book that examines the impact of crowdsourcing and predictive analytics on citizen engagement and the resilience of urban society. In 2012, Andrew interned with the Environmental Protection Bureau at the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York. In addition to his legal training at Cardozo Law School, Andrew studied alternative dispute resolution, and has successfully mediated dozens of cases on a pro bono basis in New York Civil and Small Claims Court.


Before law school, Andrew worked at the sustainability strategy firm GreenOrder. As a Senior Analyst, he helped clients streamline operations, bring credibility to environmental messaging, and commercialize groundbreaking products—including the Chevrolet Volt.


Andrew has an undergraduate degree in economic history from the University of Pennsylvania and has been cited as a leading expert on the 17th-19th century British Window Tax.


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